Home to endangered Amur Tigers Vladimir, Sayan and Tschuna. ‘Land of the Tiger’ is one of the largest tiger reserves in Europe, immersing visitors into the world of Amur Tigers! The ‘Land of the Tiger’ was built in 2011 and whilst the story of the lions was all about welfare – the tigers are part of the European Breeding Programme and their story is all about the conservation of this endangered species and the threats they face.


Panthera tigris altaica

An endangered species, it is thought that there are less than 500 Amur tigers left in the wild, however, their numbers have been much lower. Hunting had pushed these animals to the brink of extinction in the 1940’s, with only 40 remaining in the wild.

However, the species was saved when Russia granted the Amur tiger full protection, since the 1940’s a significant amount of work has gone into the conservation of these magnificent animals. Land of the Tiger is world renowned and one of the largest tiger exhibits in Europe. Our tigers have the space to roam which includes woodlands, grasslands, pools and waterfalls.

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  • Amur Tiger
  • Amur Tiger


Tschuna was originally hand reared by keepers at a zoo in Germany after being rejected by her mother, before coming to the UK and arriving at YWP in 2013, a move recommended by the European Breeding Programme. After being introduced to the male tiger Vladimir, she gave birth to three cubs in March 2015.

Rangers feared that as she was hand-reared she might lack the maternal instinct to raise her cubs – but she turned out to be a fabulous mother. Thousands of people followed the story of the cubs online and over 4m people saw the CCTV footage of the birth.

The three cubs made their debut into the main reserve in July and have been a great hit with visitors as they are always up to mischief! A fundraising campaign was held to choose their names: Hector, Harley and Hope, and the money raised went to help fund projects for ALTA (The Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance). All cubs have now grown up and moved onto new locations around the world to play their part in species breeding efforts.



Yorkshire Wildlife Park and the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation work hard to raise awareness of the tigers’ plight, also holding annual events to raise funds that are crucial to tiger conservation. Working with Wildlife Vets International (WVI) and the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance (ALTA), YWPF uses money raised to help support field projects for Amur tigers in the wild.

It’s imperative that the conservation of these beautiful animals continues, in the last 100 years the world has lost 3 subspecies of tiger, the Bali tiger, the Caspian tiger and the Javan tiger. There are 6 surviving tiger subspecies left in the wild, all of which are either endangered or critically endangered.


Amur Tiger

Photo Credit: David Roberts

Amur Tiger

Photo Credit: Sharon Scott

Amur Tiger

Photo Credit: Natasha Balletta


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