Home to cheeky meerkats and mongoose, the manor has been purposefully built to replicate the harsh South African desert landscape the meerkats and mongoose are used to, with heated outdoor rocks, deep sand to dig, burrows and termite mounds. Come and see these fabulous characters dig and play in their unique reserve.


Suricata suricatta

In their native habitat of Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa, there are a lot of animals that like to predate on meerkats, because of this, meerkats have evolved a unique way of avoiding being on the lunch menu. They will always have a “look out” or “sentry”, the sentry will spend long hours standing out in the open on their hind legs keeping an eye out for danger, you will frequently see our meerkats doing this throughout the day.

If the worst happens and they do spot a predator, meerkats have a very complex range of vocalisations or noises, for example they use different alarm calls for different predators such as eagles, jackals and snakes.

  • Meerkat
  • Meerkat



Cynictus penicillata

Don’t take their cheeky faces for granted, mongoose are known for being “snake killers” and will even take on a full grown cobra. They utilise their thick bushy tails and a variety of different sounds to communicate. If they feel threatened they will growl, bark scream and purr.

In their native home of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa, they are known to share their burrows with meerkats. The meerkats will quite happily keep them around as they are great at killing predators.

  • Yellow Mongoose



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