Team Building with BITE

Team building events with a wild difference, designed specifically for you!

Our team building events at Yorkshire Wildlife Park really do stand out from the crowd! They are also ideal for company fun days or combining with conferences and other business meetings.

During our team building events, you can either work together or in competition against each other to create enrichment items for wild animals. You can then watch the results as your creations are put to the test by the animals they were designed for.

Every activity we run is bespoke to your needs, but the core of each workshop will involve:

  • Working as a team or in teams to create items for the animals
  • At the end the session you and your team mates get to watch the animal’s response, providing a tangible and rewarding outcome for all your hard work.

Conducting these workshops, aids our keepers to provide the best possible animal welfare, creating enrichment items for the animals.

All prices are based on the length of the event and number of people so why wait why not enquire today for a Team Building Session with BITE!


A little bit more about team building events with BITE!

Co-founders Mark Kingston-Jones and Chris Hales have 30+ years’ experience working with animals between them. Using this experience they have designed great activities which not only benefit your business but also take into consideration the animals involved. Team Building with BITE may also be a fantastic opportunity to fulfil your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility aims.

From 147 team building reviews, Team Building with BITE has an average rating of 4.5/5 stars. The feedback shows groups leave with that feel good factor and often talk about their experience for weeks after. The enrichment items made in the 120 workshops Mark and Chris have run are still being enjoyed by animals 7 years later.

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January 2020

“This turned out to be better than expected. We were out of our comfort zone massively but worked together to make a product to impact positively on the chosen animal. Fantastic day had by all the staff. It really pulled our school team together. Thank you so much.”


January 2020

“Fantastic way to kick off the new year with our team. The instructions gave us enough information to point us in the right direction but really forced us to work together and communicate well. Instructors were very knowledgeable, friendly and added to the whole day. It was a really enjoyable day topped off by the keepers and animals response to our work. It matched our school ethos of giving everything a real purpose and the outcome making a difference. I have already been telling everyone I have seen all about the day – the best team building day I have ever been apart of by a mile – thank you so much.”



Whether you’re looking to book a team building session with us, or just have a few questions, we’d love to hear from you! Give us a call on 01302 535057 EXT 76, or alternatively you can fill in the contact form below and a member of the events team will contact you back.

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